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Social media has changed the way brands

and consumers interact.


It holds brands accountable,

and for those who aren't afraid to drop the corporate speak and connect authentically, it holds enormous power.


I help marketing teams use this power to achieve tangible results, and we have fun doing it!


That's because when social teams have

a north star strategy to guide them,

are equipped with the right production tools,

and can prove the impact of their work,

social marketing is fun and the brand exudes that energy.

While every industry/brand/situation is different,

here are the steps I find often work:

  1. Clearly define our objectives and KPIs

  2. Understand where your target spends time online and consider the context of their social feed

  3. Build a foundational strategy and calendar that plans for flexibility

  4. Rethink content production

  5. Support marketing objectives with breakthrough campaigns

  6. Tap into the power of existing fandoms and authentic influencers

Hover over the images to explore some of brands I've worked with, then tell me about your social media goals:​

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